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Shiva Nata is better than a cleansing diet! Ok – don’t get all weird on me and tell me I am too focused on this whole food/diet thing. I am speaking metaphorically here.

Although I only once ever tried something that approximated a real cleansing diet (by day 2 I was so weak I marched myself into the kitchen and made a lovely oatmeal with all the trimmings!) my understanding is that you are supposed to feel lighter and freed up from all the impurities and (excuse the expression) gunk that has been clogging up your system.

So- shiva nata is clearing up the gunk.

There is something very woo-woo about the fact that what is shifting and releasing inside of me is not at all in my control. And it is all good!

 The Dance (with the DVD)

I followed the DVD for 15 minutes last night re-learning the vertical moves and adjusting my elbows higher for the horizontal ones. It is starting to flow baby! (oh wait- it is not supposed to, drat!)

This morning, without the DVD, I worked on forward horizontal with the left and forward vertical with the right. It was hard and slow but also more graceful somehow.

I look upon my first week of very rigid stilted moves with love. I was trying so hard.

A word about ritual: there is something serious, and profound about the idea of a ritual. I do something before each Nata (can I be on a nick-named basis with Shiva?) but it is different each day. I want to keep it light. As I type this I find myself flashing on Lily Tomlin’s character Edith Ann- “And that’s the truth”  Am I dating myself?

  1. Way better. I did the lemonade diet once, for 3 weeks. There were no epiphanies there. 😉

    I like the idea of a ritual. Come to think of it, I like the idea of candles as a ritual. Except candle light is better when it’s not candle light plus computer screen light. I need to try this.

  2. mm-you are making me think that I could do one kind of practice in the am with the DVD and a candle-lit one w/o the DVD in the pm… Worth a try. Thanks!

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